Un-Vented Hot Water

Our fantastic un-vented hot water systems allow you to combine the luxury of mains pressure hot water with a 25 year guarantee. Ideal for showers with a quick and simple installation process.

What is un-vented hot water?

An unvented hot water system consists of a very efficient cylinder, which is fed from the cold water mains supply. Water is heated quickly via a system boiler, then distributed at mains pressure to as many outlets as required. With one of our amazing un-vented hot water systems you can combine the luxury of mains pressure hot water with the peace of mind of a 25 year guarantee.

The advantages

Mains pressure means high flow rate
Fills bath tubs quickly
Balanced hot and cold pressure taps
High pressure showers
Quick and efficient installation
Perfect for the larger dwelling
What is an un-vented hot water system?

An Unvented Hot Water System – sometimes also called a Megaflo system – provides high pressure hot water without the need for a large water tank in the loft like traditional gravity fed systems. Unvented hot water systems produce much higher flow rates compared to gravity fed systems and because all of the cold water outlets in your property will be supplied directly from the mains you will also get the added benefit of enjoying high pressure throughout. As a comparison, the hot and cold water outlets on you unvented hot water system will run at the same kind of pressure as an outdoor garden tap!

Are they difficult to install?

99% of systems are easy to fit both in new build and retro fitting situations. Most installs are completed within 1 day.

Where can an un-vented hot water system be installed?

The short answer is… practically anywhere! Because the cylinder is pressurised and doesn’t use gravity to generate the water pressure, it doesn’t need to be installed high up in the property. That means in can be installed, for example, in the garage, downstairs cupboard or even in the basement. Be aware, however, that most systems require a safety discharge pipe which, depending on your property may mean that you need to install a sump and pump. Otherwise, these systems can be installed virtually anywhere.

Is my mains supply suitable?

Ideally, at peak flow, your mains water pressure should at least 1.5 bar dynamic pressure, although all good quality unvented systems will operate well at pressures as low as 1 bar dynamic. Of course, we check that your main water supply is suitable as part of the on-site survey that we carry out prior to every installation. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of your property.

Does it need to be serviced?

Yes, most cylinder manufacturers specify an annual service. This typically involves cleaning filters, testing the safety components, and checking the overall system.

Are they expensive?

Each installation is different and costs will, naturally, vary according to many factors, the 2 most important ones being the size and location of the mains water pipe within the house, and the proximity of your cylinder to a safety discharge outlet (e.g. an external wall). They are more expensive that a traditional direct system but offer significant long term benefits.

Are you interested in an un-vented hot water system?

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