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We can provide our services and expertise to aid you in larger scale operations. Our team has the drive and know-how to tackle any problems you're faced with.

Here at Craigmile, we understand the importance of a smooth-running operation. We're here to assist you in times of need - our full range of Industrial Plumbing & Heating services can be seen below.

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We also offer a wide range of domestic services. From Boiler Servicing to Underfloor Heating, we have you covered!

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Our Services

Mechanical Services
Mechanical Services plumbing work involves mechanically heating, cooling and ventilating residential and commercial buildings. Our teams have the critical knowledge and skills to protect the health and safety of the building occupants.
Boiler Upgrades
Are you having reliability issues with your boiler? Is the burner obsolete? There's many reasons to consider an upgrade - don't let it be too late before ensuring your boiler is in full working order.
Boiler Room Installation
We have the ability to tackle boiler room installations of any scale. We know how important central heating can be for you and your business.
We can provide a range of services for many tank types, including water, fuel, chemical tanks. We undertake all work under strict health & safety regulations and aim to meet any requirements you have.
Pipework & Fabrication
We have a wealth of experience and our strength lies in our ability to deliver the high standards of quality & safety assurance required in highly regulated industry sectors.
Our team work safely, and efficiently, to move a single machine or a whole factory. We understand the need for safety, flexibility, complete care and client partnerships when completing successful machinery moves.
Some of our recent work

Some of our recent work

Hear from some of our previous clients, both domestic and commercial.

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